Hitachi’s Unique Position in the IoT-Enabled Era

Hitachi’s Unique Position in the IoT-Enabled Era

Helping organizations innovate with IT and OT

Enterprises today are dealing with disruptive changes caused by mass customization and everything-as-a-service.

In this environment, consumers want outcomes that meet their immediate needs, not just products. With the internet of things (IoT), robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) evolving quickly, Hitachi is uniquely positioned to help organizations access their data to deliver the kind of outcomes consumers demand.

Hitachi has been a leader in OT for industries such as manufacturing, energy utilities and transportation organizations for over 100 years, providing solutions that positively impact cities, industrial operations and businesses. The company has also been a leader in IT for over 50 years, bringing applications, analytics, cloud and infrastructure solutions that have transformed the way enterprises do business. Combining Hitachi’s expertise in OT with proven IT innovations and solutions gives organizations a powerful collaborative partner – unavailable in any one company until today.

With an annual research and development budget of $3 billion and over 119,000 patents, Hitachi has the expertise to help organizations extract all the value from their data through solutions and services that achieve tangible outcomes. We offer a robust portfolio of solutions to manage, store, govern, blend, analyze and visualize data to uncover insights and help customers take useful action. These solutions – from edge to outcomes – provide bestin-class data management and analytics intelligence that drive companies forward.